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Kirk Private Client Law ("KPCL") combines Tax Minimization, Business  Planning, Succession Planning, and Asset Preservation to optimize results for each client. While clients often seek our advice on a specific issue, too often single issue solutions fail to accomplish larger client objectives. At KPCL, we first seek to fully understand each client's current individual circumstances; and, based on that knowledge, we work in collaboration with our clients, their advisors, and our strategic relationships to identify all planning needs. Only then do we design and implement the customized integrative plan that properly meets the client's objectives. Our consultative approach is focused on achieving:

Tax Minimization: We advise clients on tax implications and minimization opportunities regarding ordinary income tax, capital gains tax, state and local tax, and gift and estate tax, international  tax, and as well as of mergers and acquisitions and other  transactions. 

Business and Succession Planning: We advise clients on all types of business planning, including profit, loss, equity and control sharing structures. We specifically focus on the relationships of owner to owner, securities and investment funds, owner to employee, owner to family, and owner to charity. Every succession plan is framed so that every client can develop and protect his or her personal and professional legacy.

Asset Preservation: In all matters, we integrate and implement designs which protect client assets from adverse circumstances, such as judgments and spousal creditors. Each client matter in this area of practice has unique facts and contextual nuances that must be carefully considered. While planning for protection well in advance of an adverse circumstance is the best alternative, there may be steps clients can take at any stage, including while in the midst of an adverse circumstance, to improve their situation and commensurate results. 

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